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How to Grow Followers for Instagram

Instagram (IG) is a popular social networking site with droves of users. As such, it is not easy to stand out from the noise. However, if you manage to amass more fans to your account, there are good chances of more folks seeing your posts. Other users will also start taking notice. Thankfully, there are a couple of proven techniques that will enable you to quickly gain more fans. In this article, we walk you through these proven techniques. By the end of this article, you will have known how to grow your fans quickly. Continue reading to learn more.

Participate in the Community and Find Similar Accounts

Just like other social media sites, IG is a community. To gain more fans, you need to take part in that community. In other words, you need to do more than just uploading pictures. Identify folks who post pictures that are of interest to you, and then like them. This way, you will be able to see latest pictures on your feed.

Avoid following just anybody you see, otherwise your feed may be too overloaded to process. Try to only follow the counts that interest you most.

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Respond to Comments on Your Photo's

If you want to maintain your follower base, it is important that you interact with your fans. Make sure that you react to any interesting comment, and see to it that you appreciate your fans for complimenting you. Take your time and answer any question that a follower asks properly.

Like and Even Comment on Pictures

Merely following some folks is not enough. You also need to like their pictures and even comment on them. In addition to making the persons you are following feel good, it also enables other men and women to see your name. This way, they can check on your profile. Provided you stay active, this strategy can make you gain new fans.

Engage with Your Fans

Did you know that you can use your pictures to engage your adherents? This is possible when you use the captions to pose questions. This can get your comment's section more active, something that will attract more men and women to your pictures.

Put a Call-To-Action

To make your devotees take some action, include a strong CTA. You could say something like: "Click if this caption was funny." Another example could be: "Share a story in the comment's section." Strong CTAs help encourage folks in the community to interact with your pictures.

Post Memorable Content and take unique Photo's

Although this appears a no-brainer, the truth is that taking unique pictures is one of the surest ways to gain more fans. The social media network is littered with pictures of ordinary things like people's meals and cats. You can set yourself from the rest by taking well-shot images.

Take pictures that resonate with your target audience. You are likely to get more persons to like you if they can connect with your pictures.

A photo doesn't need to be perfect to be considered good. Rather, good pictures seem human and those imperfections help add to the feeling.

Don't take too much selfies. Selfies tend to be the trend these days but you should be careful not to let them dominate your content. Remember the biggest aim of your adherents is not to see you but your photos. If you are constantly posting selfies, it might appear as narcissistic, something that is sure to drive away devotees. But if you are attractive, you are okay taking photos of yourself and posting them. You can get lots of adherents by taking good photos of yourself. But even then, don't allow images of yourself to dominate your content.

Add Filters

One of the things that made the site immensely popular was the filter option. These filters tend to adjust the photo color, giving it more real feel. There are various filters available, so feel free to try multiple filters until you find one which works well with your picture.

Do not use the same filter repeatedly as this can make your images to feel the same.

In case the photo is striking even without a filter, use a #nofilter hashtag

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Put Captions on All Photo's

With the help of a caption, you can turn a good photo into a great one. Captions play a very important role in grabbing the attention of viewers. If you can make your viewers smile or laugh by using captions, there are very good chances of converting the viewers into your devotees. Cute captions or jokes tend to be very popular.

Take Advantage of Apps for Editing

Although the website allows you to do minor editing, there are various apps for Android and iOS that give you more editing tools. You can use these apps to darken, brighten, add text, and crop among other things.

Some popular apps you can use for editing include Afterlight, Photo Editor by Aviary and Overgram.

Know the Right Time to Post Your Photo's

Due to the network's extreme popularity, it is likely that the feeds of your adherents are updating constantly. In order for your photos to be accessible to as many people as possible, it is important that they are posted at the most opportune time.

An IG post lasts between 3-4 hours before it gets removed from the community. You need to post when the largest group of devotees are on so that you get more potential adherents.

  • The best time to post is in the morning hours and in the evenings when people get off from work
  • Wednesday 5-6 PM is the most popular time of the week to post
  • 2-3 pm central time is also a popular period to post photo's

Post steadily

Do not make the mistake of dumping all your photos in your feed at ago. In case you have many photos to share, you can spread them over a few days. Posting all your photos at once might make your devotees to skip some of them. Conversely, if you are not posting photos as regularly as possible, your chances of maintaining and attracting new adherents will be hampered a great deal.

Buy High Quality Instagram Followers

If you don't have time to build your fanbase gradually, you may want to consider the option to purchase Instagram followers with money. There are many websites offering devotees at a fee. If you desperately need devotees, the option of purchasing IG fans may be good to get you off to a flier.

Before you settle for a website, see to it that you do your research and thoroughly read reviews.

Here Are Some More Tips to Consider

Determine the Number of Devotees You Want to Purchase

Majority of plans let you choose a variety of plans. These can be as little as 100 and as more as 1 million. Select that package that suits your budget and needs to the best way.

Have Your Account Set to Public

Because you cannot purchase adherents for private accounts, it is important to ensure that your account is visible publicly. To change your profile, just tap the Edit Your Profile button.

Understand the Disadvantages

Buying likes is a good way to quickly get a boost. However, there are certain things that you have to be wary of. Adherents bought won't interact with your pictures and even leave comments. The bad thing here is that this can leave your picture somewhat bare. If persons notice that there is no activity despite the fact that you have a lot of devotees, they can be turned away.

Only Share the Best Video's and Photo's

The two most important things to success are quality and quantity. Ensure that the videos and the images you post are of the best possible quality. Also, the photos should be posted frequently enough to be entertaining. However you need to see to it that you don't post too often as to have an annoying presence. Folks are not likely to be enthralled by you if you continue posting low-quality photos and might not take you very seriously.

First Impression Matters

If a user stumbles on your profile, they will make an opinion of you based on the first picture they see. Most likely this photo is the one you added most recently. In case the viewer finds that this last photo was impressive, they could decide to say and even follow you. But if the photo you posted most recently is blurry and shaky, the viewer is most likely to ignore the rest of your profile.

Other tips on how to Quickly Grow Your Following

Follow as Many People as Possible

Beginning to follow other users first is one of the best ways to quickly attract their attention. Some of these users will return the favor but don't expect all of them to. In general however, if you follow more users, your chances of being followed are increased.

Identify the most popular users, and the those who follow many other people than the fans they have. It is possible that these people may be looking to bulk up number of adherents that they have, and so are most likely to also follow you.

Update Your Account at Least Once Per Day

There are two main reasons why you may lose your adherents: Not posting enough or posting too much. It is common for users to cycle through their lists and even unfollow inactive or boring accounts. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your account is updated with entertaining contents at least once per day.

Other people can also unfollow you if you are posting too much. If you happen to be following thousands of people, it's possible for your posts to constantly refresh. But if you only follow a few people, they will get flooded with photos and some people might find this annoying.

Join One or Two Micro-Communities

Micro-communities refer to accounts that involve users through offering forums and sponsoring daily challenges. If you become involved actively in a micro-community, you will be quickly introduced to other users.

Engage with Follow-for-Follow and Like-for-Like Accounts

Remember that you aren't the only person looking to get more devotees Many users will advertise their desires to get more followership through ads of "follow to follow" or "like for like" in their pictures or bios. Various hashtags are associated with the follower-gathering accounts, and these tend to change constantly. For this reason, be on the lookout for new ones.

Make Use of the Tag for Likes App

An app has been developed to help you get Instagram likes. This app generates hashtags which you copy and then paste into caption bar. After that, the only thing that you will have to do is to wait for other people using the same app to follow you. People are increasingly using tags for likes to quickly gain lots of fans. Newer apps and techniques for gaining followership are ever being invented. Be on the lookout for updates and new ways to connect to older and more established apps.

Repeatedly Follow and Unfollow Celebs

Many people look for people who are on the list of big celebrities. All you need to do is to follow a few 100 of most recent persons on a specific account. One trick you can use is to repeatedly follow and unfollow those very popular celebrities. This way, your name will always be on the list of "Recent Followers".

  • One Direction, Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber are among the most popular accounts
  • Doing this is technically is against the network's policy. For this reason, you need to do it judiciously to avoid being on the caught on the wrong side of the law


IG is growing rapidly and everyone wants to have a share of the cake. If you are an internet marketer, you know the power of social media and you no doubt want to put it to your advantage. Getting noticed in this crowded field is not a child's joke. In fact, you can very easily get swamped in the noise. But if there is a way acquiring adherents it is through getting noticed. Once people know you, they will take notice of you and even start following you.

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