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How to Get Followers on Instagram Fast?

Any serious social media marketer will confirm to you without any reasonable doubt that their number one Instagram (IG) concern or question is always how to gain more fans. Although some users may say that they do not care about how many devotees thy have on this social media network, it is simply a fact that the larger audience you have, the more persons as well as potential consumers you will be able to reach. You should see your follower count as your community size instead of an empty number.

In as much as you should not overlook all of the other objectives and goals, your total number of fans will definitely reflect successes of the other efforts you put in. It is always good to know that your messages are being received well and resonate with your audience, and one of the best ways of measuring this is through a follower count. Here is how to ethnically get more devotees:

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Like Photo's in Your Niche

I once attended an online conference where CEO of Freshly Picked Susan Petersen was talking about how she was able to grow her fans from nothing to about 4,000,000. She told us that during her early days, she would spend much of her time liking pictures from other persons each and every night. She suggested that one should go through and like about five to ten pictures on other people's accounts. This would greatly assist in leaving genuine comments and earn them a follow. This will also help you get your name out there and enable other users to be able to discover you. It is highly recommended that you also do this mainly to the users in your niche. You can find users in your niche by viewing adherents of your favorite Instagrammers or checking hash-tags. Above all make sure you are authentic and not spammy- no one has time for spam.

Run Contests

Publishing a post promoting contest is another sure way to get IG fans and engaging your pictures at the same time. You can then request people to follow your account and comment on or like pictures in order to enter.

You may add a User-Generated Content (UGC) element to this contest, where the audience posts their own pictures and use specific hash-tags along with following your account.

Use the Right Hash-tags

One of the greatest ways of improving your exposure and engaging your audience is hash-tags. However it is very easy to become an abuser of hashtag- something that may have a negative effect on your community and audience. Your main objective is to make sure that your current audience is engaged while at the same time growing your following. Post brand new, engaging and interesting pictures to satisfy the first requirement. However, to start growing you will find it extremely important to hashtag your pictures. If you hashtag your photos, you make it easy for people to find them.

So Which Hash-tags Are the Best?

Users on IG, just like in Twitter as well as other social sites prefer to use certain hash-tags over others. Using the right hash-tags within your photos is likely to help you not only to reach new users but also be discovered.

The following tips will help you make sure you do not fall into this tempting territory and gain followers for Instagram:

  • Do - Be specific as you use hash-tags
  • Do - cater hashtags to social network you're using
  • Do - create unbranded, relevant hashtags
  • Don't - go too clever or too long
  • Don't - have many hashtags than the words
  • Don't - hashtag everything

If you have looked at the above list and found out that none of these apply to your brand or products, you are likely correct.

The use of hashtags is one thing; however using the right hashtag is a completely different thing. Popular tags such as the ones listed in this post will no doubt net you extra engagements as well as likes, but they'll not help you increase new interested people, long-term engagements and sales.

For you to be able to properly tag your photos, you will have to find and use hashtags that are the most relevant. This means conducting appropriate keyword research to ensure you are only using hashtags that are most relevant that describe your products or brand and also being searched for on the site.

There are some free online programs that will help you find relevant hashtags. For instance, you can use Webstagram to find related, popular and relevant hashtags for your men's accessory branded by simply searching for the key hashtags that are related to your brand.

For example, if you were to search the hashtag #MensFashion, you would be able to pull this list of extra keyword hashtags together with the total number of times they've been used (popularity).

  • #mensfashion - 1,702,397
  • #mensfashionreview - 45,720
  • #mensfashionpost - 12,908
  • #mensfashionweek - 9,908
  • #mensfashionblog - 8,848
  • #mensfashionfix - 8,743
  • #mensfashiontips - 7,667
  • #mensfashionblogger - 5,819
  • #mensfashions - 5,774
  • #mensfashioweekchicago - 2,973
  • #mensfashioner - 2,594
  • #mensfashionadvice - 1,791

You may want to go through this entire exercise as you try different keywords that describe your product or brand, in the process building your hashtag keyword list.

Note that the network permits a maximum of thirty hashtags per every post. In addition, the most popular words will change as time goes by, so ensure that your hashtag keyword is revisited every few months to ensure you are using best possible terms.

Come Up with a Much Clearer Strategy

To avoid low return on investment or wasting your resources, you should avoid using any social network aimlessly including this one. You can define what you really want to achieve by having a strategy in place. This will help you target better and attract people relevant to your company.

Whether you are starting from the scratch or trying to adjust your present efforts, below are the elements that will help you build a solid plan:

1. Research your competitors

Get Followers on Instagram

Proper analysis of what your competitors do will give you an insight on:

  • What role a practical following plays for companies in your niche
  • The content types other companies in your niche post and weather it is working or not
  • How frequent your fans expect you to post a content
  • How your ideal audience is engaging other businesses

Since this network has been integrated in Hootsuite, you can now keep track of your competitors (together with industry terms, customers as well as other contents you would love to keep tabs on) right from the same dashboard that you use in managing the other social networks.

2. Decide What Story You Are Going to Tell

Regardless of the type of industry your business may be in, you've got a story to tell that is suited perfectly for a high visual social network such as IG. Make sure your content has a compelling narrative so as to give it the ability to inspire the word of mouth from your present community and also make it have a sense of purpose. This act will make your account attract even more persons and views.

You can satisfy your devotees' curiosity by revealing how you have created your product, humanize your brand by sharing the perspective of employees, or you can position your product in an aspirational way via showcasing the achievements or lifestyle of your consumers. Your strategy doesn't have to be limited to only one of the above groups. Most highly successful brands will definitely tell all these stories at the same time but in a different way and probably across social channels that are totally different.

Set Goals

Since your strategy can only be as effective as the objectives it has been designed to achieve, you must know what you are aiming for. It is recommended that as you set goals, make sure that they align with the business and your overall marketing strategy- whether that is brand awareness, supporting goals for a bigger marketing campaign or attracting traffic to your website.

Come Up with a Theme for Your Photo's

This will make users start to notice your username and can even check out your account... Make sure you give out something that they can fall in love with. It helps a lot to come up with a theme. List down some words that you would like people to associate with your account. For my case, I hoped that the audience glean that it is artistic, bright as well as full of love. Which words are most suited to be used in your account? As soon as you have settled on a theme, make sure you try hard to stick to it!

Get Followers on Instagram by Making Your Account More Visible

If you are struggling to get likes on Instagram, a very simple (but most often overlooked) strategy is to make it much easier for other people to see you. This can be done by increasing the numbers of ways that those potential new adherents may discover your account. How to get Instagram followers? Here are some suggestions:

Your account should be announced to your fans on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and any other social site you already have people that follow you. You can have these posts boosted with paid advertising to make sure that some people follow you to your account.

For instance, when Sony Mobile Company directed their audience on Facebook to their IG account by focusing on a particular brand, it gave their audience clear and compelling reason to follow them. They used a custom URL as well, to enable them monitor the rate of success by a way of comparing the total number of clicks present on the link with the total number of new adherents they managed to gain on the social media network.

If you want more people who are in contact with your product or brand online to easily find you on social media, you should link your website on IG, in your newsletter and in your Emil signatures. Make an attempt of following other people and liking or commenting on their photos so as to improve your visibility. Using relevant hashtags will help your content appear in searchers. Also make sure your photos are embedded in your blog posts.

Create Great Content to Grow Your Following

Although this may appear like a no brainer, it cannot be stressed enough: if you make your contents much better, you will be increasing chances to receive more IG fans. Do not post photos that are inconsistently branded, blurry or simply not interesting. Such photo's will not attract people. Use this guideline to boost your content strategy:

Find the Best Time to Post

Make use of the insight you have about your consumers to help find out the most appropriate time to post on the network. For instance, if your clients are people who work full time jobs, chances that they will not be checking IG frequently from nine to eleven in the morning are high. Instead they are likely to check first thing when they wake up, during lunch break and after work. On the other hand, if the new persons you are targeting are stay-at-home parents, then the picked usage time frame is likely to change.

The best way to find out the most appropriate time to post is by testing the performance of your photos at different times of the day. If you realize that the photos you post during morning hours keep earning you more comments or likes consistently compared the ones you post during the afternoon or evening, then your content schedule should be adjusted accordingly.

For instance, you may find out that one of your best spots to post is as from 8.00pm in your time zone. This it when your audience scrolls through the site before going to bed.


It is not referred to as social media for nothing! As I mentioned earlier, do your part. Respond to comments that you receive and comment on other people's work. Instead of something boring like "cute dress" try to create a genuine comment that will motivate them to add more photos.


This network is a great network for sharing photos, however it is only fun when you are being followed by other people. However, if you have just signed up, chances are that you do not have many fans. Luckily the above discussed simple tips and strategies will help you get fans on the network.



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