How to Get More Views on Instagram

How to Get More Views on Instagram?
    Table of Contents:
  1. Take Great Photos
  2. Share On Other Social Media Accounts
  3. Curve a Niche for Yourself
  4. Gaining Followers
  5. Use of Hashtags
  6. Visibility
  7. Post Interesting Content
  8. Optimize Your Description
  9. Pick the Best Time of the Day to Post
  10. Why Should I Buy Views?

Learn How to Get More Instagram Views

How to get more views on Instagram? Being one of the most popular social media platforms currently, Instagram is well known for being an image-based. The company has however also added abilities to upload videos thus cementing its position as the best image sharing platform. Each and every day in this mega popular social site, people share close to 80 million photos and videos. These publications are collecting up to 3.5 billion likes a day!

When you are new on this site you may be wondering how you can get more views for your pictures or videos. We will share with you these methods of increasing video and image views on Instagram because we really do value our clients. After employing these tips as well as including our trusted paid services to promote your page, you will be surely guaranteed the top spots on Instagram. This is a guarantee, the following are some of the tips;

Take Great Photos

To get many views, you have to take great images as well as videos. This may seem like a small thing but in actual sense, the way any image comes out determines the reception that it will receive. How an image is will determine whether someone views it or not. A blurry picture is a turn off because someone will struggle to view it and this may not go down so well with many people.

Therefore, whenever you are taking a picture make sure you focus on the image before you snap it. Make sure you are getting a great angle that will clearly give an impression to the viewers. If it also calls for it, you can hire a professional photographer to take care of all your image issues. A well taken image is a beauty to the eye and this helps to boost the number of viewers on your page.

Share On Other Social Media Accounts

Just like any viral posts, it is essential to share your Instagram videos and images on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site. This will direct traffic to your post and at the end of the day you will have more viewers on your page. Sharing content on other social media sites is also useful because you get to reach different people who have different preferences. In the end you will benefit because everyone is always curious to find out what is being talked about. Use this to your advantage. You can be sharing the details at different times so as to increase the chances reaching out to different and many people who might have missed the earlier posts.

Curve a Niche for Yourself

Most people who have many followers as well as views have found a niche for themselves and established their online presence. For example, if you are a chef, you will just have to take pictures of food as well as its preparation. If you want to establish yourself, then stick to posting images and videos of your niche. You may throw in a few pictures that are unrelated but make sure it is not cluttered with pictures that are random. Keep that specialty, hobby or niche to just a few things. This keeps the images focused and coherent on a certain topic. Sticking to your niche will be beneficial in the end because people can easily find you or relate to you.

Gaining Followers

One of the fastest ways to get views on this app is to have many Instagram followers. This will then translate into viewership of your images as well as videos. To make yourself known, you have to interact with various people on the platform. This can be done by either following, liking and viewing their posts or just sending them a thank you message after they have followed you back.

In short, always strive to make a good impression so that people know you are worth following. A high number of followers also indicates that you are connected with other people too. This increases your chances of showing up on one of the 'suggested stories' to the other users or suggested users for others to simply follow. This will translate into many views for your page and may prove to be essential for the growth of your business.

Use of Hashtags

If you want to gain more Instagram views and likes on this site you should increase the number of hashtags that you use. This will assist you to claim more views and social interactions. It is easy to find a product or service on this huge site with the use of a hashtag. You cannot simply just start looking for something from zero.

A hashtag guides you to new as well as old posts which are similar. This is the opposite of other social media site like Twitter which will give you more results with the use of less hashtags. If you are also new to Instagram, this is an easy and fast way to gain new followers. Hashtags usually direct clients and customers to that one specific thing that they want.


In case you want to share your images or videos with the rest of the world and to gain the attention of potential clients, you should change your settings. Switch your account from a private one to a public account. This enables your non-followers to be able to easily increase your views because the account is unrestricted. Other than this, you can pick which followers can view it by having the setting on your account or the feature itself the moment you have opened it. When your account is easily found this translates to many views because people can be able to go through it with unlimited restrictions.

Post Interesting Content

Any content that is interesting will always attract people. How you gain more viewership all depends on what you will be posting. Content that is good looking as well as providing entertainment will always get the right amount of viewership any day.

Once a follower finds interesting content from one of your posts, they will definitely want to see more of such. This leads them into 'stalking' your profile and this leads to extensive viewership. You have to make your posts as interesting as possible. Make those funny and witty posts. Things that people can relate to easily. A great post with great content will always win any day and people will feel that it is worth it.

Optimize Your Description

Instagram has and will always be a visual platform. It's all about the videos as well as video when you are going through the feed. Major brands are however making very many mistakes. They are not using the descriptions to attract the users. In case of a video, a simple precise description may convince a user who was passing over it to watch the video. Make sure that you are clear in your description to avoid anything that may confuse the viewers.

Pick the Best Time of the Day to Post

Instagram aligns stories from the recent to the oldest. Therefore, it is essential to know when the best time to post your content is. There are times where there is a lot of traffic on the site and this means the content can be seen easily unlike odd hours where people are not easily found on the site. Furthermore, you have to know the different time zones if you are aiming at international followers. Know where most of your followers come from because their waking hours may be really different.

In addition to these few tips, you can also decide to get Instagram views from us.

Why Should I Buy Views?

Nowadays features such as videos usually display a view counter. This give you a number of the people who have watched the video. Buying viewers is easy and simple, you do not have to struggle too much to accomplish your goals. At Social Aid, we always stay at our best so as to serve you efficiently when you need to purchase views for your Instagram video's. Therefore, we offer you one of the quickest, easiest and most dependable source for your viewership needs.

These are just but a few of the best options that you should put in mind when you want to gain more views on your Instagram pictures or videos. Whatever the end product is, it will all depend on the decisions that you make. There are very many people on this app, the only thing that you need to do is to make them notice you. There are also very many other tips out there which can help you gain views on your pictures, however, the mentioned ones are some of the quickest ones.

They have been tried, tested and proven to work tremendously. Moreover, you should keep in mind that this is a social network platform, you should do all you can to reply to all comments as well as engagements as possible. This will help you build your base of viewers. It does not matter whether you are just starting out or you have been on the platform for some time, these tips will assist you push up the number of views on your pictures and videos remarkably!

Did this help you to learn how to get more views on Instagram? If so, I'm glad we could help you out!